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I found out about Campus through Nordstrom and WOW I could not be more impressed. I always reinforce my shoes so they last longer and the rubber base they put in does wonders. I also could not believe that they had extra blue spikes to put back into a pair of Louboutins where the spike had fallen out. Would you ever suspect a shoe repair store could have the exact blue spike of a shoe seasons old?! So impressed! They do amazing quality work and I wouldn't go anywhere else at this point. I drive from weho to Westwood just to have them fix my shoes .
Breezy B.
Fantastic! I was most grateful for the owner who stayed open a little past closing so that I could get a key copied. He even came out of his store to find me on the street so that he could copy my key because I couldn't find parking. Edit: Found out they have parking behind the store and also validate next door for 15 min. So check them out!
Nicole K.
Came here to get a key duplicated and they did it in less than 30 seconds for $3. Can't really comment on the shoe repair side but it seemed like they had a lot of shoes there that they were fixing. Very friendly and courteous staff. Highly recommend for UCLA students and others in the Westwood area for a quick and relatively (?) cheap place to get keys done.
Ezra B.